Are you ready to make a movie? Grab your camera and register for this six-week course on filmmaking.

Your instructor will guide you through the basic filmmaking process with weekly assignments and constructive critiques. You’ll focus on the practical tools you need to make your movie right now.

In this course, you’ll learn the complete film production workflow. From developing your script to filming and distributing your movie. And since this will be a live class, your instructor will address your immediate challenges and help you discover creative solutions as you produce your film.


At the end of our course, you’ll have filmed and produced your own amazing movie short. We'll showcase them during the final class.

This is your course flow throughout the six-week course:

Week 1: Script Development

Week 2: Pre-production Best Practices

Week 3: Production - Lights, Camera, Action!

Week 4: Post-Production Best Practices

Week 5: Film Distribution Methods

Week 6: Critiques/Film Showcase

Cost: $119

Join us as you begin your filmmaking journey.


Instructor: Pamela Vines

About Pamela:

Filmmaker Pamela H. Vines recently wrote, produced and directed a short film called, Nothing But Love. The film explores a woman’s struggle to seek counseling in order to heal from a controlling relationship. Pamela is also a published fiction author. Her novel, Born of Sin, is an Amazon #1 best seller.  Pamela earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master of Arts degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University. She studied Videography and Photography at the Prince George’s County Community College, Maryland. As a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Pamela culminated her decorated military career as a U.S. Army Spokesperson and Team Chief at the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, the Pentagon. Pamela is also the owner of Vines Film, the film division of Troop Public Relations, LLC, a creative communications firm located in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  At Vines Film, she creates compelling video and short film for business owners who want to take their customers on a cinematic and informative journey.

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