Our Academy

We provide arts programming and training for adults and kids interested in creating a career in the arts.

Our Founder

Trena Bolden Fields is an Actor’s Equity and SAG-AFTRA member with a 20+ year acting career. Trena also provides career and life coaching to artists and is a photographer, writer and international speaker. She utilizes her creative abilities to help her students develop their acting skills and create personal success.


Trena has performed and taught drama/acting in different countries including the United States, South Africa and Mexico. You can view her acting work at: http://www.trenaboldenfields.com/acting.html


Trena Bolden Fields received her undergraduate degree in theatre arts and mass communication from Augsburg College and a master's degree in educational psychology, counseling and student personnel psychology from the University of Minnesota.

She received her life coaching certification from the Adler Graduate School and completed a master of fine arts degree in creative writing from Augsburg College. During her spare time, Trena loves reading and collecting books, watching her favorite TV show and spending time with her family.


"Working with you was a blessing, I discovered so many things about myself through your acting class. I liked the fact that you paid attention to my work, and helped me improve. You helped me find ways to

connect with my character. You taught me to never give up, no matter how hard it gets. Through working with you, I now know that acting is a beautiful and unique art. I'm fortunate that you helped me realize that. Thank you so much." - Tsholofelo Lehobye, Actor

"Trena has helped me find focus. I've been able to set goals, stay organized, and use the necessary tools and steps I need to take in pursuit of my acting career. She has given me the confidence to network and build relationships, resulting in more paid gigs." -Lynda Dahl, Actor

"I loved the workshop...I just wanted to thank you, Trena, for the information and for truly listening to our frustrations and turning them into possibilities." —Cydi Yang, Actor

"When working with Trena, I felt valued. She helped me figure it out. I also felt empowered because I have so many ideas that get jumbled and she helped me organize them while encouraging me. I felt reinvigorated. It was like a second wind…Trena fans the flames of my passions. It is valued and appreciated and I thank her.”--Vondell Richmond, Actor

“Keep doing everything you are doing cause you’re wonderful. Your very good at what you do. You communicate very well. Very good sense of empathy, understanding, good deal of clarity to observations and honesty that I respect very much.” –Jeff, Actor